Attraction brings tourists face to face with giant crocodiles

Saturday, October 11, 2008
Face to face with giant crocodiles at Australia's latest tourist attraction
Australia's newest tourist attraction, the Crocosaurus Cove in Darwin, involves coming face to face underwater with giant saltwater crocodiles. The newly-opened attraction offers the chance to be lowered into a tank full of crocs, among them suspected man-eaters, wearing nothing more than a mask, snorkel and swimsuit or trunks.

The 'Cage of Death' is said to be "perfect for serious adrenalin junkies" who have perhaps become jaded with swimming with dolphins or cage diving among great white sharks.
The cage is hexagonal-shaped to stop the crocodiles from getting a grip on it with their fearsome teeth.

It enables tourists to come within a few feet of several 'salties' measuring more than 16ft long, some of the largest in captivity in the world.

A maximum of two tourists at a time climb into the purpose-built acrylic cage which is then lowered into one of four separate crocodile enclosures.

The cage stops just short of full immersion so that the visitors can still come up for air.

But they are free to dive down to the bottom of the 15ft-high enclosure, where the crocs are barely an arm's length away.

Is this something you would like to try on your holiday or do you think it is perhaps just a little too unsafe to do it just for fun?


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