10 Types of Women We Secretly Lust Over

Saturday, March 13, 2010
Sexual attraction is a mystical voodoo, and we often secretly want to be with those whose body types and personalities are not considered ideal -- and sometimes those that are considered taboo. While it's been pretty well established in pop culture that, from a young age, guys are always lusting over teachers, friends' mothers and cousins, we've come up with 10 other types of women that we pine for a little more discreetly.

Check them out, then head over to our sister site, Lemondrop, to find out the fairer sex's secret types.

1. Bodybuilders

Most women who strut around in very little clothing look dainty and breakable. But the female bodybuilder is showing you what she's got while daring you to give her everything you have.
2. Ladies with slight dental imperfections
Perfect teeth are aggressive to the point of being off-putting. But a generally well-put-together set of chompers, which includes a noticeable gap or a tooth (or two) that are slightly out of line? Now that's hot.

3. The freckled
Any grown woman who can pull off a face full of freckles is a stark reminder of all the girls we had a crush on -- and never did anything about -- in fifth grade. This is also true of grown women with braces, but those things can be really dangerous if your lusting is successful.
4. Extreme and outspoken members of another political party
Hatred and lust are both very passionate emotions. So every time we hear the shrill voice of a woman whose politics we abhor, we can't help but want her a little bit more.
5. Goth chicks
Sure, you were into the socially sanctioned sexy cheerleaders in high school, but it was the girl in the Bauhaus T-shirt and liquid eyeliner who secretly invaded your nighttime fantasies.
6. Pregnant women
There is something very sexual about a pregnant woman and all of her crazy, raging hormones. Plus, you know that whatever happens, you're not going to get her pregnant.
7. Bitches
The more unpleasant and demanding a woman is, the more we want to sunny up her disposition the old-fashioned way.
8. Geeks
We're not talking traditionally hot women who play geek for fame or attention, but rather the rare female computer programmer or engineer. If a lady knows her way around those kind of complex but logical systems, it would seem like she'd be a wiz when it came to our simple, but logical, needs.

9. Chubby girls
Whether they admit it or not, most guys think those extra 10 lbs. make a woman look approachable, real and, well, cuddly.
10. The really religious

Think purity rings. Kelly McGillis in "Witness." Hell, even chicks in burkas. Anytime there is a potential reservoir of smoldering and untapped sexuality, our penises take notice.

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