The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Here are the Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters (girls). also the most sexy video game female characters.

We’ve been playing our collective asses off in Soul Calibur IV this last week, taking exhaustive notes on the fine graphics. Love ‘em or not, females in fighting games are always going to be downright sexy. But even though the soul still burns, the SlobsofGaming will never forget the beautiful women of fighting games past and present.

Join us as we steamroll through our newest countdown, dedicated to the most underclothed, overboobed, and unflinchingly hot fighting femmes in gaming history — Are you ready for this?

29. Setsuka (Soul Calibur)

101713 19 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

Setsuka ranks as one of the best (and newer) characters to be introduced to any fighting game. Best outfit EVER. Yes, our bottom entry is a Soul Calibur IV fighter, but Setsuka’s always one of our first choices in a match.

Measurements/Stats: Age: 24, Height: 5′ 6”, Weight: 114 lbs.

28. Rouge (Power Stone)

101713 25 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

One of gaming’s greatest casualties was the Power Stone series on Dreamcast. As a result, scorching gypsy Rouge has been doomed to obscurity. What a world!

Measurements/Stats: Age: 23, Height: 5′ 6”, Weight: 105 lbs.

27. Angel (King of Fighters)

101713 30 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

This sexy Mexican is famous among fighting characters just for her winning quote alone: “Do I make you hard?” I mean, wow. That’s almost as racy as Mai’s “Me Bouncy!”

Measurements/Stats: Bust: 92cm, Waist: 69cm, Hips: 89cm.

26. Crimson Viper (Street Fighter)

101713 1 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

There’s no fooling anyone — this new addition to the Street Fighter lineup is clearly modeled after Angelina Jolie. Not the ghoulishly thin “Wanted” Jolie, but the boobalicious “Tomb Raider” Jolie, mind you. That woman needs to eat a sandwich or something.

Measurements/Stats: Unknown, but probably close to Angelina Jolie’s (when she wasn’t a skeleton).

25. Kitana (Mortal Kombat)

101713 11 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

Even when she was getting her skull and spine ripped out of her torso, Kitana was so hot she stole the show in Mortal Kombat II. Too bad her fan lift-jump kick combo was so cheap, or we might have ranked her higher. Still, Kitana looks good for someone who’s over 10,000 years old.

Measurements/Stats: Judging by her film counterpart, Talisa Soto, Bust: 86.5cm, Waist: 61cm, Hips: 86.5cm.

24. Blue Mary (King of Fighters)

101713 10 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

Blue Mary has been in several different fighters since her initial role in Fatal Fury 3, from KOF ‘97 to King of Fighters XI. She’s also the only KOF fighter with as much bounce in her step as Mai Shiranui, which we appreciate greatly. Let’s hope her character in KOF XII kicks some ass, too!

Measurements/Stats: (Estimated) Bust: 86cm, Waist: 54cm, Hips: 85cm.

23. Shiki (Samurai Shodown)

101713 31 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

Yep, Samurai Shodown’s still around, and the fighting roster has grown to an almost ridiculous number. According to our research, Shiki sports the largest bustline in the series, as well as making an awesome appearance in the classic SVC Chaos game. Too bad she died off so early in the Samurai Shodown 64 series.

Measurements/Stats: Unknown, also dead.

22. Helena (Dead or Alive)

101713 26 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

There’s pretty much nothing as unique as a French woman who fights in tournaments using Chinese martial arts. Helena’s secured a place above the rest of the DOA girls with a grace and poise befitting her character. We can’t make any sense out of her backstory (or anyone else’s), though.

Measurements/Stats: Bust: 90cm, Waist: 56cm, Hips: 86cm.

21. Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat)

101713 24 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

In a game as gory and violent as Mortal Kombat, it was interesting to see Sonya Blade keeping pace with the likes of Scorpion and Raiden. Her signature Kiss of Death was also something that couldn’t be imitated by anyone else. One interesting side note — her film counterpart, actress and Playboy Model Bridgette Wilson, was also a total babe.

Measurements/Stats: Who cares? She’s fighting f–king Superman in the next MK game. How awesome is that?

20. Black Orchid (Killer Instinct)

101713 14 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

Killer Instinct had a lot of weird and interesting No Mercy moves, but Orchid’s was definitely the best. By unzipping her top and flashing her opponent, her finisher was both arousing and deadly. Makes you wonder — what was under that green spandex, anyway?

Measurements/Stats: Unknown, especially since Killer Instinct 3 may never see daylight.

19. Rainbow Mika (Street Fighter)

101713 18 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

Rainbow Mika, one of the few female wrestlers in this lineup, is a diehard fan of Zangief. About the only thing wackier than her attacks and throws is that outfit. Hmm — Actually, as far as this list goes, it’s pretty conservative.

Measurements/Stats: Bust: 97cm, Waist: 72cm, Hips: 93cm.

18. Christie (Dead or Alive)

101713 22 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

Christie holds quite a record in the DOA series. As far as official, canon storylines are concerned, she’s the only fighter in the series to actually appear naked. (Check out her ending movie in Dead or Alive 3!)

Measurements/Stats: Bust: 93cm, Waist: 59cm, Hips: 88cm.

17. Baiken (Guilty Gear)

101713 28 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

For a girl missing her right arm and left eye, Baiken is still one ravishing ronin. Initially a boss and hidden character in the Guilty Gear series, she joined the regular lineup in Guilty Gear X. In a series populated with demons, robots, and contortionists, being able to stand out is quite a feat for Baiken.

Measurements/Stats: Missing her arm puts her weight at 99 pounds.

16. Sophitia Alexandra (Soul Calibur)

101713 16 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

Ah, Sophitia. Ever since Soul Edge, we’ve had quite a liking for this Greek goddess. Now that she’s a mother, we can officially classify Sophitia as a “hot mama”.

Measurements/Stats: Unknown, too busy playing Soul Calibur IV.

15. Bonne Jenet (King of Fighters)

101713 17 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

Mark of the Wolves still stands as one of our favorite 2D fighters, and Bonne Jenet hit the scene with some crazy combos. She’s also a pirate, and female pirates are hot. We can’t wait to see her in the next King of Fighters…

Measurements/Stats: Unknown, but apparently got one hell of a boob job for KOF Maximum Impact 2.

14. Cammy White (Street Fighter)

101713 23 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

Cammy, our favorite of the New Challengers, is currently in the running for a playable role in SFIV. Capcom’s been coy about the the status of her debut, but we’re hoping like hell we’ll we something soon. For now, we’ll just have to enjoy this poster.

Measurements/Stats: Bust: 86cm, Waist: 57cm, Hips: 88cm.

13/12 (TIE). Nina & Anna Williams (Tekken)

101713 29 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters
101713 9 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

Blonde, powerful, and blue-eyed, Nina’s a threat to anyone who isn’t careful. Her neverending catfights with vicious younger sibling Anna has always been a highlight of the Tekken series, and we’re dying to play as both Williams sisters in Tekken 6. It’s gonna be a long wait.

Measurements/Stats: Random, keep cryogenically freezing themselves.

11. Vanessa Lewis (Virtua Fighter)

101713 21 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

Make no mistake, Vanessa will kick your ass with her blitz-type fighting style! And do you see those abs? She could crush a truck with that midriff!

Measurements/Stats: Bust: 93cm, Waist: 57cm, Hips: 93cm.

10. Tina Armstrong (Dead or Alive)

101713 13 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

Since the first Dead or Alive, Tina’s always been the most powerful of the female fighters. Although her moves can be slow, they’re awesome to watch. (Especially when you record the fights and direct the camera yourself.)

Measurements/Stats: Bust: 95cm, Waist: 60cm, Hips: 89cm.

9. Felicia (Darkstalkers)

101713 6 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

Felicia is possibly the only furry that we’d want to bone. She’s more cat than girl, but she’s also the only fighter on this list that’s always nude. That is a textbook definition of “ridiculously sexy.”

Measurements/Stats: Bust: 88cm, Waist: 61cm, Hips: 87cm.

8. Christie Monteiro (Tekken)

101713 5 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

Cheap! Although she’s essentially the girl version of that goddamn cheap-ass Eddy, Christie’s moveset has been reworked to be twice as unpredictable! Still, her outfits are pretty hot, so we can’t be too mad about getting our asses handed to us in so many fights.

Measurements/Stats: Age: 20, Height: 5′ 8”, Weight: 128 lbs.

7. Taki (Soul Calibur)

101713 20 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

Frankly, I’m not sure exactly how Taki’s armor classifies itself as, well, armor. Not that we’re complaining. Hell, more ninjas should wear completely non-concealing spandex!

Measurements/Stats: Bust: HUGE, Waist: Tiny, Hips: Sweet Jeezus.

6. Sarah Byrant (Virtua Fighter)

101713 12 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

Miss Bryant is the ultimate blonde bombshell, and don’t you forget it. Her devastating kick combos in Virtua Fighter have always been painful, but this beauty does her fighting in high heels. Um, ouch?

Measurements/Stats: Bust: 90cm, Waist: 57cm, Hips: 90cm.

5. Morrigan Aensland (Darkstalkers)

101713 8 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

She’s the main character of the Darkstalkers series, and someone we’d love to turn into a vampire for. In any game that pits Capcom against SNK, Marvel, or wombats, you can bet you’ll always see this succubus around. She’s not evil, just ridiculously hot.

Measurements/Stats: Bust: 86cm, Waist: 56cm, Hips: 83cm.

4. Isabella “Ivy” Valentine (Soul Calibur)

101713 3 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters


Measurements/Stats: Seriously, BEWBS.

3. Chun Li (Street Fighter)

101713 4 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

Chun Li’s gigantic thighs brought many a gamer to Street Fighter II, and the width of her hips as been a closely analyzed feature for years. Make them a little too big or small, and people start rioting! Chun Li’s legs don’t just dish out a mean lighting kick, they move the whole damn world.

Measurements/Stats: Bust: 88cm, Waist: 58cm, Hips: 90cm.

2. I-No (Guilty Gear)

101713 7 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

She carries a Duesenburg, curses up a storm, sports a sexy little beauty mark, and is modeled after Japanese hottie Ringo Shiina. I-No is the epitome of Japanese rock, and about ten bajillion times hotter than most video game characters could try to be. Also, you can almost see her nipples in her winning pose…

Measurements/Stats: Um. Didn’t you hear me? Winning pose. Nipples. Go get Guilty Gear XX and start playing!

1. Mai Shiranui (King of Fighters)

101713 2 The 29 Most Ridiculously Hot Female Fighters

And we finally come to the queen of the fighters. The original innovator of gaming’s jiggle physics, Mai Shiranui, the only ninja to out-sexy Soul Calibur’s Taki, is our top pick. Fact: Approximately one-tenth of the Internet is devoted to fan art of Mai’s breast and butt cleavage.


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