Jessica Alba wants to compete men

Sunday, September 07, 2008
Jessica Alba
American actress Jessica Alba believes that the female actresses should stand together to demand equality with their male counterparts.

Jessica Alba who’s career is at the zenith and she is competing with other top girls in the industry like Eva Mendez, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson. But instead of enjoying her top position, she is urging her fellow mega stars to stand up and demand equal status, pay and similar treatment to male actors.

As quoted by contact music, she said, “Washington (ANI): Competing with other actresses is not what American actress Jessica Alba is concerned about, as she believes that they should stand together and seek equality with their male counterparts.”

She also added, “There are a lot more men making a lot more money and headlining movies than women, and the more of us who can come up and do that the better. I want my friends to produce, direct, act, write, all of it. I think being competitive defeats the whole female movement. I want to be encouraging to my girlfriends. Totally.”

We can also pray for the success for the hot babes in seeking equality!!!


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