Art in motion

Sunday, September 07, 2008
art in motion

This technique is an extremely laborious type of animation, where objects are photographed, frame by frame. Between each frame, the object's position is moved slightly, so when the film is shot you get the feeling the objects are actually in motion. Although it seems rather archaic, thousands of commercials and movies are produced using this method. but certainly you've seen some work made with the 'Stop-motion' technique.
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art in motion

Now try to imagine using this technique using graphite, paint and a city's walls. Apart from being a totally insane amount of work, the results are simply ingenious and inspired!

art in motion

photographs, paints over, photographs again, and so on. And on! Filmed in the streets, or, actually, walls of Bluenose Aires and its outskirts, the artist had a monstrous amount of work.

art in motion

Although with some assistance, many were the hours needed to reach the desired product and effect.

art in motion
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