Jade Goody 'Will Be No More After 30 DAys'

Saturday, February 14, 2009
Jade Goody is drawing up her will after learning she only has 'months to live'.

The 27-year-old, who is fighting cervical cancer, was given the devastating news by doctors yesterday, according to the Daily Mirror. It had been hoped that treatment with the 'wonder drug' Topotecan would prolong the reality star's life.

However, doctors have said the cancer is so far advanced there is nothing more they can do.

Jade Goody 'Will Be No More After 30 DAys'

The news comes after it emerged Jade is desperate to marry Jack Tweed before she loses her battle with cancer – and will even say ‘I do’ in her hospital bed if she is not well enough to go home.

She is planning a £1million ceremony ‘for the sake of her children’, according to The Daily Star.

She is hoping it will secure the future for sons Bobby Jack and Freddie.

A source said Jade is hoping to take part in a 'traditional' ceremony, but is prepared to tie the knot in hospital if she is too ill and weak.

The reality TV celebrity, who is suffering from cervical cancer, has been told she only has months to live - and is reported to have drawn up a will.

According to The Sun, doctors have told Jade they are powerless to stop the disease and she is no longer receiving chemotherapy.

They are now aiming to keep the young mother as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

Jade underwent emergency surgery at London’s Royal Marsden Hospital last Friday to remove a tumour from her bowel.

Her operation came just 24 hours after the 27-year-old was told the devastating news her cancer had spread to her bowel, groin and liver.

She was moved out of intensive care two days ago and is now said to be eager to return home to spend her remaining time with her sons and lover.

Her spokesman Max Clifford told The Daily Star: ‘We are all hoping for the best but Jade knows she might not have much time left, and to be blunt, she is desperate to earn as much money as she can.

‘It is fair to say that selling the rights to her wedding would be a surefire way of earning a big amount of money.’

Jade's reaction to her prognosis will be aired in the next installment of her reality series, 'Jade's Progress' which airs next week.

Jade Goody 'Will Be No More After 30 DAys'

My biggest fear was that I would have to have a colostomy bag.

'I've dealt with losing my hair - but a poo bag, that really would have been the final indignity for a woman. But, like everything else, I'd have coped because I have to.

'Where there's life there's hope. That is what I am clinging on to.'

The latest turn of events in Jade's ongoing health troubles mean she will be unable to enjoy a special Valentine's Day treat by boyfriend Jack Tweed.

Tweed, who was released from prison on January 27 after serving time for GBH, had organised for celebrity haunt The Ivy to make a special takeaway for Jade.

But the former Big Brother contestant is currently too ill to eat, so Jack had cancelled the meal.

Jack said: 'I can't spend the evening with her because of my tag, but I'll be doing something special for her.'

Jack is currently tagged and has to observe a night curfew and live at his mother's house.

Meanwhile, she has vowed to carry on filming her LivingTV reality show Jade: The Next Chapter.

Living TV chief Claudia Rosencrantz said: 'I’ve cried so much for Jade and have been very emotional for her. But she needs this money so much for her two sons.

'She also she needs the opportunity to show the world how to avoid cancer. That’s also important to her.'

Jade's publicist Max Clifford said: 'She wants to be busy, so there’s something to keep her occupied in-between the trauma and the pain.

'She also wants to warn other people. In terms of Living TV, it’s very much, "Do you want us to stop, Jade? Do you want us to leave you?."

'Jade’s attitude is, "When I’m up to it, you do the filming, that’s what I want to do."'

Jade was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer last August while appearing on the Indian Big Brother and underwent emergency surgery to remove a large tumour, her womb and her ovaries.

Since then, she has had several bouts of chemotherapy, causing all her hair to fall out.

Only 15 per cent to 30 per cent of women with stage 4 cervical cancer will live longer than five years.

Doctors had told her she had a 40 per cent of survival but scrapped this estimate after discovering the cancer has spread.

The Mirror reported a source close to the mother-of-two saying: 'This is the news she has been dreading.

'No matter how bad things seemed before there was always some hope. Now even that has been taken away from her.

'She now has to face up to the full horror that she is going to die – and that she is going to die soon.'


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