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Tuesday, January 27, 2009
World Sexiest weddings
The wedding ritual has been accompanied, from one society to another, by a wide range of coital activities. and The 10 Trashiest Wedding Dresses

In various countries feudal lords were apparently entitled to deflower the young bride before releasing her to her husband. This "right of the first night" (jus primae noctis), known also in France as jus cunni and in England as marchette, appears to have been established on the historical evidence. Monks sometimes held the right: thus the monks of St. Thiodard enjoyed this right over the inhabitants of Mount Auriol.

More extraordinarily, in some tradition, e.g. the Nasamonian custom, all the wedding guests are expected to copulate with the bride. The kiss given the bride by men present at an English wedding is a poor relation of this old custom.


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