21 Of The Craziest, Weirdest And Funniest Tattoos You’ve Ever Seen

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tattoos are in vogue nowadays. Although there are some reasonable tattoo designs, some people decide to let their imaginations loose, and have the weirdest of ideas, and the result is a weird and crazy tattoo. Here are 21 of such tattoo designs. Enjoy! And oh, don’t forget to

1. Two Faces Are Better Than One Tattoos Two Faces Are Better Than One  Tattoos
2. Under Pressure Tattoos
Under Pressure Tattoos
3. Exposed Tattoos
Exposed Tattoos
4. Is This Guy Even Human? Tattoos
Is This Guy Even Human? Tattoos
5. I Can Haz Breakfast? Tattoos
I Can Haz Breakfast? Tattoos
6. “Slot” Tattoos
“Slot” Tattoos
7. Skull Man Tattoos
Skull Man Tattoos
8. “Cat”arms Tattoos
Cat”arms Tattoos
9. Scary Tattoos
Scary Tattoos
10. Maze Tattoos
Maze Tattoos
11. Heel, Earthlings! Tattoos
Heel, Earthlings! Tattoos
12. I Iz Mad Knight Tattoos
I Iz Mad Knight Tattoos
13. See Through Man Tattoos
See Through Man Tattoos
14. Half a Gun Tattoos
Half a Gun Tattoos
15. Geekness Personified Tattoos
Geekness Personified Tattoos
16. A “Different” View Tattoos
A “Different” View Tattoos
17. “Portable” Chessboard Tattoos 17
18. Mowin’ Tattoos
Mowin’ Tattoos
19. I Haz Bomb! Tattoos
I Haz Bomb! Tattoos
20. “Paw” Necklace Tattoos
“Paw” Necklace Tattoos
21. ?? Tattoos
Your Favorites? So, which of these weird tattoos are your favorites? Do tell us.


Anonymous | 2:15 PM said...

last ones bubble bobble!

Anonymous | 3:56 PM said...

the last one is bubble bobble. the greatest video game ever made. i would very much like to meet him. yes

Anonymous | 1:00 AM said...

#21 is bubble bobble...

Anonymous | 10:06 AM said...

21 is bubble bobble tatoo's! Awesome game!!!

Anonymous | 9:51 AM said...

The ink is awesome, i dont like the describtions very much, just my personal opinion, and also the last one depicts characters and items for an arkade game called bubble bobble.

Anonymous | 9:56 AM said...

The last one is from Bubble Bobble. Best tattoo ever.

Anonymous | 10:55 AM said...

The last one is from Bubble Bobble. And it's wondrous.

Anonymous | 11:54 AM said...

the last one is an old ps1 game. it was a puzzle game if i remember right

Anonymous | 12:17 PM said...

13 looks like a UV tattoo

Anonymous | 12:18 PM said...

the last photo is bubble bobble

Anonymous | 1:32 PM said...

They all suck

Toby | 2:25 PM said...

The little lawn mower guy is best, I might just get one similar myself in about 20 years.

Side note: Any man with a tramp stamp and I don't care how funny it's supposed to be, is gay. He just might not realize it yet.

Anonymous | 4:37 PM said...

Bubble Bobble tattoos! Awesome!

Anonymous | 6:19 PM said...

Number 21 is Bubble Bobble.

Anonymous | 6:58 PM said...

bubble bobble is the last tattoo

Anonymous | 11:42 AM said...

Isnt 21
Puzzle Bubble?

Anonymous | 6:20 PM said...

I love the last one. Bubble bobble FTW.

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