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Saturday, November 22, 2008
This guide to Lip Reading, lip-shape, based on the ancient Chinese art of physiognomy, will help you find out. Learn lip reading here, Your lips may speak, but what do they actually say?


How they look: Average in size (i.e, not too pouty and not too thin), in proportion to the rest of the face, same thickness top and bottom.

What they say: Perfect lips = perfect personality
(well, near as damn it anyway). The owner of such a beautiful mouth is kind, fun to be with and warm-hearted. As a friend, this person is caring, considerate and loyal. As a partner they're expressive, loving and thoroughly gorgeous.

Celebrity Perfect-lips: Melinda Messenger and David Beckham.

How they look: Full, pouty and wide.

What they say: That the owner is a fun-loving, crazy-person. As a mate, this person is a laugh a minute, always the life "n" soul of all the parties they drag you along to. As a partner, they're just the same: all well and good at the start of a relationship perhaps, but in the long-term their mad antics and constant funny banter could drive you to distraction.

Celebrity Big-lips: Zoe Ball and Will Young.


What they look like: Pouty and not very wide.

What they say: The owner of small lips tend to be cautious but reliable. As a mate, you can rely on this type to always turn up when they say they will and be ever-sensitive to your needs. As a husband, wife or lover this person is extremely respectful, thoughtful and kind, but may suffer from regular bouts of insecurity.

Celebrity Small-lips: Tom Cruise and Kate Hudson.

What they look like: Er... thin.

What they say: Thin-lipped people are usually cool, calm and level-headed. As a friend, they can be a bit opinionated and tactless at times, but generally they're pretty down-to-earth and sensible. As a partner, they can be a bit competitive and like to hand out plenty of "constructive" criticism. They can be loving and lovable - but only when the mood takes them.

Celebrity Thin-lips: Jamie Theakston and Geri Halliwell.

How they look: The top lip is much thicker than the bottom lip, creating a sweet, innocent expression.

What they say: Top-heavy lips usually belong to the most irresistible types. As a mate, they can be self-centred and unreliable, but because they're stubborn to the max, there's not a lot you can do about it. As a romantic partner, you won't find sexier! Having said that, they're not overly expressive, so don't expect to hear too many "I love you"s. They also fear commitment and have a habit of doing a runner when the going gets tough.

Celebrity Top-Heavy: Julia Roberts and Matthew Perry.

How they look: The bottom lip is much fatter than the top lip, creating a sulky expression.

What they say: That the owner desperately needs to be loved. As a mate, although they're very attractive and great fun to be with, they can be a bit much sometimes. In love, they can be a bit stand-offish and although they're very demanding, don't expect too many favours in return!

Celebrity Bottom-Heavys: J-Lo and Robbie Williams.

How they look: Taut and meeting in a very straight line.

What they say: These lips belong to an exceptionally bright, clear-thinking person. Determined by nature, they'll get everything they want in life. As a friend, they're a real gem. In a love scenario, this person is very open and honest, but be warned - they get very bored very quickly...

Celebrity Firm-lips: Sian Lloyd and Jerome Flynn.

How they look: They meet in a wiggly line as opposed to a straight one and tend to turn up at the corners, giving their owner a rather cheeky expression.

What they say: These sort of lips belong to people who always come across as laid-back, contented and happy-go-lucky. As a friend, they're consistent, even-tempered and helpful, but once they're in a romantic situation, their moody side emerges.

Celebrity Curvy-lips: Mel Gibson and Jennifer Aniston-Pitt.

How they look: Pinker than the average person's.

What they say: A lot - because these types tend to be on the garrulous side. As a mate, they're interesting and full of mischief. Many "Pinks" are a bit naughty and like to be a bad influence on their friends. They're very confident and very fortunate in that they never seem to be short of a date. When in a romantic relationship, they're loyal, faithful and like it to be long-term.

Celebrity Pink-lips: Ant McPartlin and Cameron Diaz.

How they look: The top lip is exactly the same thickness as the bottom lip.

What they say: Big-time sensuality! As a friend, this person is outspoken but tactful, emotional but logical. Why, they're a walking contradiction! As a lover, they're not exactly shy: they're very physical and can be demanding. And they like love to be balanced: they want good returns for all emotional investment.

Celebrity Symmetrical-lips: Kylie Minogue and Jude Law.

You can use the guide above to get a good idea of what your own personality's like, but here are a few extra pointers...

* If your lips are full and small, like Victoria Beckham's, you're generous as well as sexy!

* If your lips are small and thin - see our very own Tara Palmer-Tomkinson - although you could be quite brash on the surface (due perhaps to underlying feelings of inferiority), but when you relax, you're a real sweetie!

* If your top lip is only slightly bigger than your lower lip, like Liz Hurley, you're more patient than a real "Top-heavy" (who really hasn't got an ounce of patience in their whole body).

* Really fat top lips - no names mentioned - are the sign of a two-timer...

* If your lips are full and firm, you're extra-sexy!

* If your lips are wide and firm, you're a right old bossy-boots!

* Pouty lips tend to belong to mature, tactful and responsible types - unless you've had them injected with Collagen (a la Lesley Ash), in which case you're just a bit vain


{ Josie } | 6:09 AM said...

so tell me what would you say my lips are and what would you say yours is?

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actually i think you have the perfect lips

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