Five Simple Facts About Girls

Wednesday, November 26, 2008
A short article about girls. Not everything is exactly true, because every girl is different, but I hope this helps you understand your girl a bit better or to pick up a girl that you like.

5 Simple facts about the girls

These are simple facts and of course, tips about girls.

Yet again I write about them. Yet again I share the wisdom I have. Yet again I hope you like my hard work.

1. Simple theory - girls don't always know why they are doing things. The may just understand what they did only when they get time to think. This is a simple theory, it may not be 100% true, but it is a bit true. This means that the girl may push you off not (even if she does like you) not even thinking that her actions may offend you, only after time she may think about that. Moral: If the girl shows some negative reactions to you, wait for the next day, maybe she will be different.
2. Simple fact - almost all girls hang out in small groups, with their friends. The friends can sometimes be real helpers, but sometimes they may become the enemy. The girl could also (even if she doesn't really want to) forget the things she feels about you and follow her friends, so try to catch her alone. Not all girls do this, but taking chances without knowing her friends may make you think she is bad.
3. Girls don't always like the “hard” type approach (that how I call tickling, trying to get her attention in ways that almost none of us like - pain etc.). From what I've tried most of the girls actually like the sweet and sensitive type. So unless you know what you are doing and what reaction you can get try to avoid doing too much. Of course a tickle once over a while can do a perfect little trick but don't let it grow.
4. First meetings together. You may think that I am talking about dates, but no, these are meeting with a company to go with you (NOT A GROUP DATE). For example going to the dance with your friends and thing like that. This is where being romantic almost never fits in. Of course there could be chances of a slow dance and etc., but bringing flowers and giving them to her may look sweet, but it is embarrassing for her and, of course, you. Firstly the flowers can cause some problem like “where to put them” and etc., secondly flowers sure look weird when you become the center of everything. You are going to dance, not to eat at a fancy restaurant! Keep the flowers for later.
5. All girls are different. That's why I can't really say what to do every second. She may want to do something else first. You must learn on whom you're dealing with. You must look and learn about her (but don't get carried away) When you know enough about her, just go with the flow and try not to cause too much problems. Don't invite her to a rock concert unless you know she really likes the band or the music, because girls can lie a lot sometimes, so keep that in mind.


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