Woman’s Paper Skin a Walking Notepad

Saturday, October 11, 2008
Huang Xiangji is a 50-year-old woman from Chengdu who uses her skin like writing paper.

Woman’s Paper Skin a Walking Notepad

Huang claims that when she writes a word on her skin by using her fingernail, the letters protrude from her skin a moment later.

“I used my body as a notebook for years,” says Huang.

Even as a child, she was able to do this and she would often create shopping lists on her arm before going out to the stores

For this Chinese woman who suffers from a condition called artificial urticaria, her skin has served as a notebook for all the years of her life.

This strange medical anomaly has no ill effects, but most agree that it is very weird.


Anonymous | 11:51 AM said...

If she is Chinese, why does the picture have english words on it? This is either fake or someone is lazy.

Anonymous | 4:57 PM said...

It's definitely not fake. I have this condition.

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