Lindsay Lohan To Record With Madonna

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Lindsay Lohan To Record With Madonna
Lindsay Lohan has worked hard, stay focused and kept her nose clean (well…two out of three ain’t bad) and now her dreams are all finally coming true. She’s found true love, starting to get her acting career back on track and now she’ll even realize her life-long dream of recording a song with her childhood idol, Madonna.
Lindsay told journalists at an event on Monday she is ready to record a duet with the superstar - and that Madonna is totally up for it too. Lindsay was ecstatic about it the prospect that she was at a loss for words…
“That would be incredible. That would be beyond…”

Madge on the other hand was a little less than enthusiastic. When Extra asked the Material Girl what she thought about working with LiLo she casually responded “Yeah sure. Why not?”

I just don’t know if the world is ready for a Lindsay Lohan / Madonna collaboration….it might trigger a natural disaster or radically speed up global warming…or at the very least just be a very..very…very bad song.


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