Kids interested in stock market

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
The stock market is a big question mark to many people and many projects all around the nation have been started to get people acquainted with the basic principles of the stock market and its rules and customs. Especially for beginning investors the first steps on the stock market can be a little daunting and that is why schools and colleges are starting to incorporate basic knowledge of the stock trade into their education programs.

This is why high school students attending a new economics class at their high school in Lordstown are now being introduced to the concepts of savings and interest, investing and the stock market in general. The classes have been received with enthusiasm by most students and the lessons give students the insight that they lack when it comes to financial investments.

According to one of the social studies teachers responsible for many of the lessons it has become more important for students to know more about the principles of financial management. This does not just mean knowing about the stock market but students are also taught the basics of household budgeting, general spending, using credit to their advantage, as well as investing in stocks and trading.

College students as well as parents have responded in a very positive way. It simply means that the college kids know more about where their money is coming from, how they can make their money grow by saving it or investing it wisely and reaping the benefits of interest. Many students attending the stock market classes say that they have now changes their view on money and spending and more students than before are saving money instead of simply spending it now.


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