8 Types of Girls You Will Meet at a State University

Monday, October 13, 2008
State University Girls

1. The Bookworm

Getting into an Ivy League grad school is either do or die for this chick. She spends 99.99% of her time studying. She refuses to accept the fact that her life will probably suck.

What the future holds: Suburban step ford wife all the way!

2. The Trailer Park Trash Chick

God knows how the TPT chick got accepted into the school. She is a skank. She fucks anything that moves. She skips all her classes. She has a MySpace profile.

What the future holds: She will drop out of college and become a prostitute. Hoe fo Sho!

3. The Valley Girl

Oh my gawd - like this chick is like totally dumb. She has no vocabulary. When her mouth opens, she is either giving a blow job or saying something very annoying.

What the future holds: Secretary making $24k a year.

4. The Goth

She hates everyone. She is probably overweight. She wants to stand out. She hangs out with other goths.

What the future holds: I have no fucking idea.

5. The Lesbian

She hides her sexuality. She kisses chicks at parties but plays it off. She is usually manly-looking.

What the future holds: Lesbian bars and gay parades!

6. The Model

Thinks she is the hottest chick on campus. Tries to look classy. Ends up looking slutty.

What the future holds: Crack addict / porn star

7. The Fat Chick

Her hot friends only hang out with her to make themselves look better.

What the future holds: A job in fast food!

8. The Baby Mama

Was stupid enough to get pregnant in college. Now complains to everyone about how hard her life is.


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