Woman to Have Gigantic Legs

Monday, September 22, 2008
 Woman to Have Gigantic Legs

"In life, a lot of people don't like to be labeled as this or that or the other," Sellars said. "But all my life, I've been kind of searching for a label for myself."

The label, she thought, would be the answer to a mystery that her doctors had not been able to solve. "There's been hardly any contact with doctors," she said. "I've been kind of, in my own words, put on the shelf and kind of forgotten about."

Sellars is 33 years old and weighs 285 pounds. Her upper torso is a petite size 8 and accounts for only about 70 or 80 pounds of her weight. The rest is in her legs and feet.

"When I was born, there was a noticeable difference between my upper body and my lower body," Sellars said. "They didn't actually expect me to live further than about a few, a few days or so." Full story


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