Top 10 World’s Most Mysterious Destinations

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
Our world is full of mysterious places that hide their secrets in the dust of centuries. Ancient castles, sacral statues and temples, hidden lands - for sure, there are so many places that deserve traveler’s attention. Let’s enumerate the top ones. Visit to any of these places can bring you a real pleasure and leave many exciting memories.

Easter Island 1. Easter Island. This island, situated between Tahiti and Chile, has gained worldwide popularity because of its fantastic colossal sculptures in the form of human. Each statue is 14 feet tall, has a weight of 14 tons and is made of volcanic rock by Rapa Nui people. Even now it’s not clear how Rapa Nui could build these statues with their primitive technologies. There are various theories of the statues’ origin and meaning including the most fantastic ones like they have been created by UFO. Nevertheless, the truth is hidden in the heart of this island. Maybe you can unleash this secret?

Egypt 2. Egypt. Egypt is by far one of the most mysterious and miraculous places in the Earth. Situated in North Africa, this country has over 80 pyramids scattered around the Nile River. Each pyramid is approximately100-meter building made of huge bricks of 100 tons each. Until now these legendary pyramids continue causing new and new rumors, myths and beliefs. The highest pyramid is called Cheops Pyramid. It was build simply by overlapping pile of boulders together. While building no glue, nails or any adhesive were used. All bricks are matching one another so tightly that it’s hard to find a crack or gap. Just like Easter Island statues, even now humans with all new technologies can’t create a building like Cheops Pyramid. If you search real mystery, Egypt’s spectacular and superior pyramids will certainly attract you.

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Bermuda 3. In Western North Atlantic is located Bermuda Triangle. It consists of 7 major and 150 small islands many of which compose groups of reefs. Bermuda triangle is also known as a devil triangle – all high-tech devices and navigation equipment works improperly there. Often even communication with outside world can become a problem. No one knows why this is happening and how to prevent this, so Bermuda is a good choice for those tourists who seek extremely mysterious places.

Antarctica 4. Antarctica is an unpopulated place, so any changes and phenomenon are a real secret to majority of us. Antarctica also has its mysteries. While all 14 million square kilometers continent is covered with snow with its thickness from 2000 up to 4800 meters, there is an island that is absolutely dry. People call it “a dry valley with no snow cover”.

Xinjiang 5. In Xinjiang, China there is a desert named “Moguicheng” or a city of devil. Several castles of Moguicheng produce strange sounds and no one knows where they come from. If you come to a city of devil in a sunny day with a gentle breeze, you will hear a nice rhythm, like 10 million of tiny bells or 10 million of guitars gentle flicking make a nice melody. When cyclones come this sound resembles roaring tigers, babies’ crying, shouting or wolf’s growling.

Stonehenge 6. Stonehenge is a famous and mysterious arrangement of stones in the English countryside. No one knows its purpose. Was it a royal palace, a magic shrine, a pagan temple or maybe UFO sign? The answer is yet to be found.

Henan 7. In Henan, China, you can find a strange geothermal anomaly zone called “bingbing bei” or the back or the ice. While all other parts of China have normal season change, inhabitants of western areas of Liaoning Province, China, have unchangingly warm weather. However, the advent of summer is connected with a strange anomaly. When air is 30 Celsius degree warm and sun is shining brightly, an enormous decrease happens and the temperature at one-meter deep into the underground is as low as -12 by Celsius! Ground becomes quickly frozen and all water that reaches it immediately turns into ice.

Niagara falls 8. Niagara Falls is a famous and popular tourist destination. This awesome nature miracle is situated in Canada near the United States border. Niagara Falls covers the area of 250,000 square miles and its maximum water flow reaches 250,000 cubic feet per hour.

Geysers 9. Geysers. Geysers are a stream of warm water coming from the underground. Geysers always look amazing and somewhat mysterious. A place near Reykjavik, capital of Iceland, is famous for its geysers of 20m in diameter and when it’s raining you can see a terrifying picture: a stream of warm water soars up unbelievable 70m into the sky. If you visit China, spend some time in magical geysering in Yangbo River, Tibet. This geyser bursts like an eruption with shocking sound each few minutes. The width of hot water stream is 2 meters in diameter and its height is almost 20 meters.

Arran 10. Arran and Orkney Islands. These two Scottish islands are a real treasure of historical secrets. Located in a Scotland’s cold sea they offer to tourists numerous castles, ruins, stone circles and ancient temples. If you are in love this medieval period, these two islands is a real must visit place. These are just 10 famous places that can amuse any tourist. Certainly, our world has hundreds of interesting and mysterious destinations that can open their secrets to visitors.

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