Types of Online Doctoral Programs you can earn

Friday, August 29, 2008
Online Phd programs give you the chance to earn a highly regarded academic honor - a doctorate degree.

People with PhDs are invited often to do consulting, speaking and writing engagements in their fields. Think of using these online doctoral programs to certify your commitment and passion for your field of interest.

Online Phd programs throw open wide the doors of higher education for those who are busy supporting their families and staying connected with their communities, yet still yearn to achieve the highest level of academic excellence in their lives; attaining a PhD in their field of interest such as doctorate degree in education among others. If you already have a master’s degree, then online doctoral programs and distance learning PhDs give you the roadmap to your goal.

What is most powerful about completing one of the online Phd program of interest is the chance to be a recognized global leader in your field. Consider these points about online doctoral programs:

* There are hundreds of distance learning Ph.D. Programs available today. With over 120 programs available, you have the choice of earning a doctorate in Education, Psychology, Public Health, Health Services, Applied Management and Decision Sciences or the Human Services. More online doctoral programs are being added every month by universities.

* Business PhD is in high demand in consulting and financial analysis. The average new professor with a PhD in business earns $88,000 a year according to the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Their counterparts entering consulting and financial planning earn on average over $100,000 a year according to the Wall Street Journal. Best of all, there are graduates of online PhD programs in these jobs today.

* PhDs who start their own consulting companies average $90,000 a year in salary. These are the PhDs that are the world leaders in their fields, and regularly contribute to websites, magazines, and books with their insightful analysis. They are also paid well to give presentations at industry events.

Online PhD programs are perfect for anyone who has a passion for their area of interest, and is ready to become a leader in their field.

Types of Online Doctoral Programs you can earn

* DA - Doctor of Art of Administration
* DBA - Doctor of Business Administation
* EdD - Education Doctorate
* DPA - Doctor of Public Administration
* EngD - Engineering Doctorate
* PsyD - Psycology Doctorate
* DSc - Doctor of Science
* DHum - Doctor of Humanities

Who offers Online Doctoral Programs?

Distance Learning Colleges guide recommends these top accredited online universities for your distance learning Ph.D. and online PhDs.

Walden University - serving the higher education needs of professionals since 1970, Walden is an accredited graduate institution offering advanced degrees online. Their faculty is experienced and the curriculum is rigorous. The Walden distance-learning approach optimizes relevance and depth of learning by encouraging students to share experiences with peers around the world while applying coursework to their career.

Walden University offers the following distance learning Ph.d's.

* Ph.D in Applied Management and Decision Sciences
* Ph.D in Applied Management and Decision Sciences/Engineering Management
* Ph.D in Applied Management and Decision Sciences/Finance
* Ph.D in Applied Management and Decision Sciences/Information Systems Management
* Ph.D in Applied Management and Decision Sciences/Knowledge Management
* Ph.D in Applied Management and Decision Sciences/Leadership and Organizational Change
* Ph.D in Applied Management and Decision Sciences/Learning Management
* Ph.D in Applied Management and Decision Sciences/Operations Research
* Ph.D in Applied Management and Decision Sciences/Accounting
* Ph.D in Applied Management and Decision Sciences/Self-Designed
* Doctor of Education/Teacher Leadership (Ed.D.)
* Doctor of Education/Admin. Leadership for Teaching & Learning (Ed.D.)
* Ph.D. in Education/General Program
* Ph.D. in Education/Adult Education Leadership
* Ph.D. in Education/Community College Leadership
* Ph.D. in Education/Educational Technology
* Ph.D. in Education/Higher Education
* Ph.D. in Education/Early Childhood Education
* Ph.D. in Education/K-12 Educational Leadership
* Ph.D. in Education/Special Education
* Ph.D. in Education/Self-Designed
* Ph.D. in Health Services
* Ph.D. in Health Services/Community Health
* Ph.D. in Health Services/Health and Human Behavior
* Ph.D. in Health Services/Health Promotion and Education
* Ph.D. in Health Services/Self-Designed
* Ph.D. in Human Services
* Ph.D. in Human Services/Professor
* Ph.D. in Human Services/Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioner
* Ph.D. in Human Services/Criminal Justice
* Ph.D. in Human Services/Human Services Organizational or Management Consultant
* Ph.D. in Human Services/Mental Health Agency Chief Administrator
* Ph.D. in Human Services/Research Scientist
* Ph.D. in Human Services/Social Policy Analysis & Planning
* Ph.D. in Psychology
* Ph.D. in Psychology/General Educational Psychology
* Ph.D. in Psychology/General Research Psychology
* Ph.D. in Psychology/Clinical Psychology (Licensure)
* Ph.D. in Psychology/Counseling Psychology (Licensure)
* Ph.D. in Psychology/Health Psychology
* Ph.D. in Psychology/Organizational Psychology
* Ph.D. in Psychology/School Psychology (Licensure)
* Ph.D. in Public Health
* Ph.D. in Public Health/Community Health
* Post-Doctoral Psychology Certificate
* Post-Doctoral Psychology Certificate/Clinical Assessmenty
* Post-Doctoral Psychology Certificate/Clinical Child Psychology
* Post-Doctoral Psychology Certificate/Online Teaching

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Capella University - is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. It is also a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Capella offers continous enrolments. You can petition to earn credit from previous work and learning experiences including DANTES and CLEP. Offers search assistance, scholarship opportunities, Financial aid programs, Federal Pell Grant and Federal Stafford Loan Program including Veterans educational benefits. You can earn your online PhD from Capella in any of the following distance learning PhD programs:

* PhD in Education
* PhD in Education/Advanced Classroom Instruction
* PhD in Education/Instructional Design for Online Learning
* PhD in Education/Leadership for Higher Education
* PhD in Education/Leadership in Educational Administration
* PhD in Education/Post Secondary and Adult Education
* PhD in Education/Professional Studies in Education
* PhD in Education/Training and Performance Improvement
* PhD in Human Services
* PhD in Human Services/Counseling Studies
* PhD in Human Services/Criminal Justice
* PhD in Human Services/Health Care Management
* PhD in Human Services/Management of Non-Profit Agencies
* PhD in Human Services/Social Work and Community Services
* PhD in Organization and Management
* PhD in Organization and Management/Human Resource Management
* PhD in Organization and Management/Information Technology
* PhD in Organization and Management/Leadership
* PhD in Organization and Management/Management Education
* PhD in IT
* PhD in IT/IT Technology Education
* PhD in IT/Information Security
* PhD in IT/Project management
* PhD in Psychology
* PhD in Psychology/Educational Psychology
* PhD in Psychology/Industrial/Organizational Psychology
* PhD in Psychology
* PhD in Psychology/Clinical Psychology
* PhD in Psychology/Counseling Psychology

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University of Phoenix - Accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and is the largest online school with over 99,475 students as of 2/29/2004. UOP is a true innovator in distance education offering a rolling schedule with classes starting once per week. Financial aid programs are available and previous training and education could qualify for college credits.
Offers the following doctorate online degrees:

* Doctor of Business Administration
* Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership
* Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership/Curriculum Instruction
* Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership/Educational Technology
* Doctor of Health Administration
* Doctor of Mgmt in OrganizationalLeadership
* Doctor of Mgmt/Information Systems/Technology

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A.T.Still University of Health Sciences - is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Has also received acceptance from the Missouri Coordinating Board of Higher Education.

Offers the following doctoral programs:

* Doctor of Health Education

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Argosy University Online - is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Argosy University Online offers the following doctoral programs:

* Doctor of Business Administration Programs
* Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology
* Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership Program
* Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership Programs
* Doctor of Education in Community College Executive Leadership
* Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership Program

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Fielding Graduate University

* EdD, Educational Leadership and Change
* PhD, Human and Organizational Systems
* PhD, Human Development
* PhD, Clinical Psychology
* PhD in Media Psychology
* Certificate, Postdoctoral Respecialization in Clinical Psychology
* Postdoctoral Neuropsychology Certificate

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Concord Law School - is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) and approved as a degree-granting institution in the State of California by the Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education. Concord is registered with the California Committee of Bar Examiners permitting its graduates to apply for admission to the California Bar. Tuition financing is available. Offers the following doctoral programs:

* The Juris Doctor Program
* The Executive JD Program

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Columbia Southern University - CSU is an accredited member of the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). It's also one of the top 30 schools for military education by Military Advanced Education. Over half of the students enrolled at CSU are members of the U.S. military. Offers educational benefits. Offers the following distance learning Ph.d program:

* Doctor of Business Administration Degree


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