Erotic Drawing Illusion

Sunday, August 17, 2008
Erotic Drawing Illusion
Erotic Drawing Illusion
Erotic Drawing Illusion
Erotic Drawing Illusion

This series of drawings are all titled Erotic Drawing Illusion. I don't know who did this set but I find them unique. I know anyone could draw pictures like these but I have not come across any others in all of my searches.

Could be though that this artist might just be a little too into his work.


Anonymous | 8:52 AM said...

I was lured to this blog, and specifically this post, by an email from someone called Dixon Hand (now there's a name to conjour with, especially when talking about erotic illusions).
I don't normally follow links in emails but this time I did - interesting!
And what a great reward I got - not so much for the drawings but all the wonderful content in the rest of the blog. I've barely scratched the surface, so I'll be back.
So, thanks Dixon Hand - I know the name is not a palindrome but I'm sure you know what I mean!


Anonymous | 9:06 AM said...

I like. Thanks for posting. :)

Anonymous | 10:54 AM said...

Look up Escher. The technique has been around for a while.

Anonymous | 7:19 AM said...

but who is the artist

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