Reasons Why a Woman Won't Commit

Wednesday, July 02, 2008
Woman Won't Commit

She’s not ready.

When a man is ready to be part of a committed relationship, he’s generally pretty gung-ho about it-- sometimes a lot sooner than he should be. And while that’s very sweet, it can also be a bit off-putting to a woman who needs more time. Especially if a woman has recently gotten out of a long term relationship, or is simply enjoying being single, she may not be ready to commit to you. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s not into you (though it can mean that, of course). It just means that this isn’t the right time for her. The best thing to do? Give her some space.
She’s Insecure.

A woman who doesn’t feel good about herself may not want to involve herself in a committed relationship. Sometimes an insecure woman will feel deep down that she’s not good enough for you. More often, her insecurity will lead to a lack of trust. She doesn’t feel good enough about herself to trust that you’ll be faithful, and doesn’t want to set herself up for heartache.
She just… doesn’t like commitment.

Women who have been through long, painful relationships or, worse, long painful divorces may be a little gun shy. They may even be determined never to enter into that kind of relationship again. If a woman you are dating is just not willing to commit to you, it may be that, like many men, she finds the idea of commitment off-putting. There’s not much you can do in this case, except decide if it’s worth waiting and hoping… or if you should cut your losses and leave her to herself.
She’s less emotionally involved than you are.

Some men are wonderfully romantic, and can fall for a woman very quickly. But you have to keep in mind that just because you’re crazy about her doesn’t mean that she feels the same way about you. Some women take longer to get emotionally attached than some men. The best thing to do when you get too intense too quickly is to just back off. If you try to crowd and pressure her into a commitment, she’ll run for the hills. Even if you’re crazy about her, try to relax and keep things as casual as you can.

This might be painful to hear, but it’s also possible that she’s not really into you. Sometimes things just don’t click, and there’s not much you can do about it. Just give her some space and hope that she comes to her senses and realizes how awesome you are.


Anonymous | 9:26 AM said...

I can see why a woman would not want to commit to a man. If that is all they seem to think about is sex and to look at other women.

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