Top 10 Foods To Increase Your Sex Drive

Friday, June 20, 2008
Thinking you might want to speed things along when you’re trying to score? It’s all about sensuality and when it comes to sex, it’s all about the pleasure factor.

Not only do these foods awaken sensual pleasure, they help to stimulate glands and help to heighten both male and female performance. So do yourself a favor, a few days before your planned rendezvous, take the time to prepare ahead and reap the benefits and rewards.

10 - Grapes

Something simple and easy to feed your lover with. It’s a great way to start ‘play’ time together and ease any awkward tension.

9 - Avocados

Avocados actually helps female lubrication, and being packed full of vitamins and minerals, it helps with stamina too!

8 - Mangos

A sweet and seductive fruit known for its soft and sweet flesh. A good alternative to avocados.

7 - Whipped Cream

This one is just for pure fun, just think of all the naughty places you can ‘lick’ it off.

6 - Strawberries

Another simple and sweet fruit to tempt your lover. It’s a light snack and goes well with chocolate or champagne.

5 - Caviar

For the more expensive paramour. Eggs are known to be a symbol of fertility. An unknown interesting fact about caviar is that it is packed with a whopping 47 vitamins and minerals which makes it the most nutritiously dense food on this list.

4 - Chocolate

A well renowned symbol of love and passion with the added benefit of giving you a quick boost of energy. Use melted chocolate to ‘paint’ your lover with. They say that women produce four times as many endorphins after eating chocolate than they do after a passionate kiss!

3 - Oysters

Oysters are said to resemble the female organ. Men like to devour them, women love to provocatively slurp them slowly so as to stimulate and titillate their lover with. Being high in zinc, it helps to improve sexual potency in men.

2 - Champagne

Nothing says let’s get it on than a little bit of the bubbly. It was used by Royalty to ‘capture’ their bride-to-be.

1 - Cognac Love Potion

This is an old recipe that dates back to antiquity and it tastes great. It is known to unchain mad and unbridled passions and will whip the laziest of lovers into a tiger. A word of caution, not too much or else you will have a drowsy and sleepy tiger as opposed to a ravenously aroused sexual partner.

* 1/2 Liter of Dry White Wine
* 1/2 Liter of Cognac (or enough to fill a glass of Cognac)
* 30g of Cinnamon Sticks
* 1 Sprig of Vanilla
* 30g of Grated Ginger
* 50g of Maple Syrup
* 2 Quail Eggs
* Pinch of Grated Nutmeg
* Try This organic wine

Prepare ahead by soaking cinnamon, vanilla and ginger in white wine for 48 hours.
Filter the mixture and then add maple syrup, quail eggs, cognac and nutmeg. Beat all ingredients together, let the mixture rest a few minutes, serve in a cognac glass. The quail eggs have a subdued and lighter taste than chicken eggs and are high in protein and amino fatty acids, which gives this concoction, the added benefit of nourishing you and keeping you alert.


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