Ten things you can do that will make a difference

Friday, June 27, 2008
1 – Start using reusable shopping bags.

Cloth bags are now widely available, usually selling for about one dollar. Buy half a dozen and keep them in the trunk of your car.
2 – When grocery shopping for vegetables, bypass the thin plastic bags in the produce department.

There’s no need to put a couple of pears or a few apples in a bag only to throw it out once you get home.
3 – When you leave a room, turn off the lights.
4 – Walk to the corner store.

Most of us live within a kilometer or less of a variety/convenience store. When the need arises (or the munchies call!) leave the car keys at home and walk. You’ll get some exercise, and save gas.
5 – Start buying milk in returnable containers.

Four plastic bags in a four litre bag of milk is four plastic bags too many in the landfill.
6 – Switch all the light bulbs in your home to compact fluorescent bulbs.
7 – Eat local produce whenever possible.

The best choice is local organic produce.
8 – Replace the chemical pesticides for your lawn and garden (including your indoor plants) with non-toxic substitutes.

Make sure to dispose of toxins responsibly. If in doubt, call your local public works department.
9 – Install a programmable thermostat... and use it.
10 – Buy a bicycle.

Perhaps there’s one languishing in the back of your garage or your basement. Dust it off, clean it up, and away you go. Cycling provides a whole different view of your neighbourhood.


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