Lindsay Lohan Needs A New Daddy

Sunday, April 20, 2008
Lindsay Lohan Needs A New Daddy

Lindsay Lohan is in the market for a Daddy figure, because the one she has now just can´t stop crawling to the press and cashing in off his daughter´s fame. Micheal Lohan has apparently told so many lies to the media since Lindsay got out of rehab that she no longer wants to speak with him again.

When he heard this, Micheal Lohan, of course, spoke to the NY Daily News, saying: "If Lindsay would just listen to me and follow my guidance, like she did when her life was on the right path, and before the people you see now that are in her life, I guarantee that her life would straighten out and she´d be back to being the gifted actress everyone knew and loved."

Of course, now that Lindsay´s not talking to Micheal Lohan, Lindsay is going to need a new Daddy to show her the way. Any volunteers?


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