Hookers A-Okay According To Governor´s Wife

Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Hookers A-Okay According To Governor´s Wife

Eliot Spitzer sure was one lucky guy until he got outed publicly for sleeping with hookers. According to a source for Page Six, his wife knew about his penchant for hookers for years and didn´t care. I suppose when your husband (allegedly) likes to have his dirty anal area licked, you don´t complain when he outsources those activities to other less fortunate young women.

Sources for Page Six say: "He said something like, ´My [bleep]ing wife doesn´t care, so why does anybody else care?"

If only he had used his time in office to free up the sex worker laws and allow everybody the same freedom he was enjoying instead of overseeing the prosecution of hundreds of sex workers and their clients perhaps people might have been a little more lenient on him.

Hookers A-Okay According To Governor´s Wife

A few more pictures of the girl who has probably benefited most from this scandal, the lovely Ashley Alexandra Dupre, who looks like she could knock your teeth out in a couple of these pictures. I´m not sure why, but the more pictures that come out of this girl, the more she looks like a female UFC fighter rather than a high class hooker.


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