Britney Spears On The Way To Animation Mode

Wednesday, March 12, 2008
American pop princess Britney Spears, who has been trying to keep herself in shape for an upcoming video, has decided to use an animated version of her sleek self instead.

Britney Spears On The Way To Animation Mode

Jive Records released photos of the singer on March 11, showing her in anime superhero mode with long blond hair and an angular jaw. Two other photos showed her as suited up in different futuristic, body-hugging outfits.
One photo had a hazy close-up of Spears' face, while a fourth was a shot of a skyscraper with the word "Victory" printed vertically on its side, with a picture of what looks like the moon by its side, E!Online reported.
Even though Jive would not reveal where the pictures came from, Britain's tabloid the Sun reported that they were stills from Spears' upcoming single video "Break the Ice”, an idea, which had been put forward by Spears herself.
Previously, her fans had been led to think that Spears was busy practising her dance routines for her "Hot as Ice" video at a North Hollywood dance studio, where she had enlisted a couple of top L.A.-area choreographers to help her with her moves and to put her back in shape.
Spears, who has been having a tough time with her physical and mental health, along with dealing with her parents and fighting for the custody of her kids, is now ready to make a comeback her pals said.


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