Amy Winehouse Gets NAKED For A Band

Friday, March 21, 2008
Amy Winehouse Gets NAKED For A Band

Now here´s a pretty dilemma for you. Do you click and risk your eyesight, not to mention your eternal soul? Or do you not click and go through the rest of your life knowing that there once was a naked chick you could have seen, but didn´t?

To answer your wailing cries of "Why oh why?! Why would they take naked pictures of Amy Winehouse?" Here´s the flimsy excuse:

Amy Winehouse recently got naked to "raise breast cancer awareness," though I think she raised more awareness that not all women should be seen naked. Just kidding, she actually looks pretty decent in the picture, which means that there was some serious photoshopping going on here, according to the experts I consulted.

They tell me that in real life she´d probably look like a one woman band with the way her xylophone ribs must stick out, and instead of playing the guitar, she´d probably be putting a cigarette out on her face and trying to smoke the guitar.

Experts eh, you just can´t get a thing by them.


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