Heidi Klum - I Miss Being Pregnant

Wednesday, December 05, 2007
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Heidi Klum has confessed she misses being pregnant and wants more babies. The Victoria’s Secret model has two sons with husband Seal— two-year-old Henry and one-year-old Johan — and a three-year-old daughter Leni from her relationship with Italian businessman Flavio Briatore.

Heidi, 34, said: “I do miss being pregnant. Children are very addictive. Once they start growing up, you miss when they were little. So, maybe...”

The German supermodel also revealed her singer husband treats daughter Leni as his own daughter, but is rather rough with his sons because he wants them to grow up tough.

She said, “Seal is Leni’s father. Seal and I feel very lucky that we found each other. He’s my best friend. He would never go in through a door first. He always opens the door for me and steps back so I walk through.

“He is the same with Leni, but he is a little harder and rougher with the boys. I’m always reminding Seal that they’re little, but he says, ‘They need to rough it up a bit.’ “

The ‘Project Runway’ presenter also revealed her expensive 10-carat diamond engagement ring — which Seal helped jeweller Lorraine Schwartz design — doesn’t sparkle because she is too scared to take it off and clean it.

She added to the USA Today newspaper: “It’s so dirty because I never take it off. I’d rather have a dirty ring than lose it down the sink. Look, it’s like a big cloud.”


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