Bikini Babe - Brooke Hogan

Monday, December 03, 2007
Brooke Hogan
Brooke Hogan was spotted poolside in her bikini at a Miami hotel yesterday. While normally Brooke Hogan’s freakishly dude-like chin frightens and confuses me, she looks surprisingly do-able in these photos. Maybe it’s because her boobies are all asunder and they’ve been photographed from a safe distance. Kind of like how I’d have sex with Brooke Hogan: from 50 yards away and through the eye of a camera. While you do the math on that one, doesn’t Brooke look like a frightened manatee trying to return to sea in this shot? Someone should make a children’s movie about her. It could be like Free Willy except with more man-face.
BrookeHogan Brooke Hogan Brooke Hogan Brooke Hogan Brooke Hogan


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