Amazing Uses for Old Bras

Friday, December 07, 2007
Ladies, you know how expensive some bras can be. Have you ever thought what a waste it is to throw away your old ones after you've lost (or gained) weight and they no longer fit. It always seem an awful waste of money.
You can Recycle Them for Charity

There are several appeals going on worldwide. The UK appeal collects bras that are in good condition and makes them available in countries where women are too poor to own them. In the western world women take wearing a bra for granted but things are very different in other less well off areas of the world. Similar appeals are being made in US.

Amazing Uses for Old Bras

Apart from it's original purpose, it's amazing what you can do with a bra.

A new designer handbag company is recycling old bras and costume jewellery to fashion unique handbags. Jenifer Stellar creator of the Bravura range came up with the idea. (I think there might be a little clue in the name.

Bra Bag by easy

1. English artist Christian Reeve-Tucker appealed for bras of all types and colours to help him create a work of art. He commemorated the anniversary of the Hereford Haven for Breast Cancer by designing a wall hanging made entirely of bras.
2. Lavender closet fragrances. Take dried lavender and backing material and cut the material to the shape of the cups. Glue in place to form little pockets and fill these with lavender.
3. Old bras are wonderful for anyone who does quilting. They are very often beautifully decorated with lace, or even sequins and can add something very special texture to a quilt.


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