Pamela Anderson Goes WILD

Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Pamela Anderson Goes WILD

Lord only knows what brought this on, perhaps a dearth of talent in the usual Hollywood slut scene, but Pamela Anderson has apparently dug her party shoes out of her closet and gone nuts partying recently. Apparently the sudden shift in behavior (or some might say ´relapse´) is due to her relationship with Rick Salomon, a name that will mean nothing until I say these eight little words ´the penis in the Paris Hilton sex tape´.

That´s right, Pammy is dating Paris´ sloppy seconds, and by all accounts having a great and wildly irresponsible time doing so. According to a concerned source who spoke to the NY Post: "She parties almost every night. She drinks, she does stuff . . . and she´s got hepatitis C. Her liver is shot but she keeps living this crazy lifestyle. We don´t think she understands how serious this is. She has two kids and may not be around to see them grow up at this rate."

Ew gross. Pamela Anderson has Hep C. She should be running around in a bubble suit, not out in public touching people. Where is the man with the bell to shout “unclean” when you need him?


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