Awesome dragon bag

Wednesday, August 15, 2007
dragon bagdragon bag
dragon bagdragon bag

dragon bagdragon bag

Here's a pretty cool looking leather dragon bag


Anonymous | 9:03 AM said...


Anonymous | 1:02 PM said...

I want to punch you on principle.

Anonymous | 1:55 PM said...

"I want to punch you on principle".
Why would you say that?
It makes you sound dumb..Is that it,Is it just that you have a low IQ ?

Anyway Nice Bag:]

Anonymous | 3:25 PM said...

this is pretty much the gayest thing I've ever seen. Who wants to look like they have a little dragon pal clinging to their back?! If I actually saw someone wearing one of these I think I'd break down in fits of laughter in the street

Anonymous | 3:36 PM said...

That thing needs some cock and balls. Or is it a female? In that case it needs a mother in law! LOL.
Seriously, I agree with Anonymous, dat thing's gay.

Anonymous | 3:38 PM said...

Oh shit, I just realized it looks like that dragon from Robot Chicken that comes up in the tub with a little girl. Have you seen that one? LOL.

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