Anita Harding kills herself after fiance dies

Friday, August 31, 2007
Anita Harding
Anita Harding 20, a classic fashion model, who had suffered over the death of her fiance Giacomo Agostinidied at age of 31, has been found dead at Perran Sands holiday park in Perranporth, Cornwall, on July 12.

Miss Harding, who has blonde hair and blue eyes, died from a suspected drugs overdose just a few weeks before she was to give birth.

According to the News report, the pregnant model had suffered anorexia in a attempt to stay thin, a miscarriage, and a marriage break-up.

Eighteen days before she died, the model - who has a young son from a previous relationship - posted a message on a website set up in his memory which talked of her "pain and devastation" and promised they would be together again soon.

She wrote: "Giacomo baby, what can I say? I have no words to explain the greatness of our love, the happiness, nor the pain and devastation of you leaving, you are my fiance;, my lover, my soulmate, my best friend, and my protector.


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